What exactly are these people protesting?

Jazz Shaw explains why There are no longer any rules of engagement in political warfare. It’s heavy.

Perhaps the most unusual thing about yesterday’s bizarre political landscape (which reminded me of a bad Salvador Dali print by the time it was over) was that virtually nobody in the mainstream media seemed to find it unusual. I’m speaking, of course, about the women’s march which unfolded on the National Mall and in a number of other cities. The reaction of the press was to cover these events as if it were not only the most natural and expected thing in the world, but completely justified and glorious.

The reporters go on to describe how the participants were “inspired” to be there and hail the marchers as, a like-minded sea of citizens who shared their anxiety and disappointment. It’s almost as if they were covering the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. But not all the action was taking place out in the streets. In the enclaves of liberal movers and shakers, announcements were going out detailing the vast sums of money being earmarked to defeat Donald Trump or at least battle him at every turn. Of course, much of the cash is coming from David Brock and his friends. (Politico)

And if all that wasn’t enough, liberals have already kicked off an effort to impeach the new president.

So what’s missing from all of this coverage, you might be wondering. It’s not hard to identify. There is a complete, stunning silence among the media lambs in terms of the utter rejection of the election results which is on display. Yes, there are huge numbers of people protesting and the cable news coverage is such that they allowed Madonna to drop three F-bombs on the crowd before cutting away from her foul mouthed tirade. There’s a carnival atmosphere to the whole thing, even if it’s more akin to the Carnival of the Bizarre.

He goes on the explain the false point he saw so often in the assertion that ‘both sides do it.’

So no… there is no equivalency here. But as far as I can tell, the gloves are now fully off and there are no longer any rules on the political battlefield. Democrats and liberals in vast numbers are trying to destroy the Trump presidency before it’s even begun and the silence of the Fourth Estate has placed the media seal of approval on the effort. They are hoping to shut down the executive branch and are clearly willing to engage in a scorched earth policy to achieve that goal. So the next time a Democrat winds up winning the White House, you can expect the same in return. I don’t care if they elect a white man, a black woman or a transgender Latino pirate. I don’t want to hear any kvetching from MSNBC about racism, sexism or any other isms. Everyone is free to simply swamp the public square and reject the election results if they don’t like them, no matter what the next president has done or, more likely, not even had time to do.

Progressives started this phase of the war. Sadly, since there’s no way to win, nobody is going to be able to finish it.

The focus of most discussion has been about the assault on culture in other areas like religion. What Shaw highlights is that there has also been an assault on governance. Many of the customs and traditions that have held the country together have been torn asunder or set aside. The sources for this assault have become quite clear. There is a way to win and Trump described that in his inauguration speech. We will see if the people carry through. 

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