1/19/2017: Smears, Worries based on nightmares, and other emotional issues

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Walter E. Williams is a professor of economics at George Mason University, published a ‘twofer’ of his thoughts today. One is about the racial disparity in crime and the other about international trade. Both are top agenda items for the new President. Here are selections from Dr. Williams thoughts.

Black Crime: The FBI reported that the total number of homicides in 2015 was 15,696. Blacks were about 52 percent of homicide victims … and over 90 percent of the time, the perpetrator was another black. Listening to the news media and the Black Lives Matter movement, one would think that black deaths at the hands of police are the major problem. It turns out that in 2015, police across the nation shot and killed 986 people. Of that number, 495 were white (50 percent), 258 were black (26 percent) and 172 Hispanic (17 percent). A study of 2,699 fatal police killings between 2013 and 2015, conducted by John R. Lott Jr. and Carlisle E. Moody of the Crime Prevention Research Center, demonstrates that the odds of a black suspect’s being killed by a black police officer were consistently greater than a black suspect’s getting killed by a white officer. Politicians, race hustlers and the news media keep such studies under wraps because these studies don’t help their narrative about racist cops.

Today’s level of lawlessness and insecurity in many black communities is a relatively new phenomenon. … The presence of criminals, having driven many businesses out, forces residents to bear the costs of shopping outside their neighborhoods. … Politicians who call for law and order are often viewed negatively, but poor people are the most dependent on law and order. … Ultimately, the solution to high crime rests with black people. Given the current political environment, it doesn’t pay a black or white politician to take those steps necessary to crack down on lawlessness in black communities.

International Trade Thuggery: Some American companies relocate in foreign lands because costs are lower and hence their profits are higher. Lower labor costs are not the only reason companies move to other countries. … One of the unappreciated benefits of international trade is that it helps reveal the cost of domestic policy. … My argument here is not against the costly regulations that we impose on ourselves. I am merely suggesting that we should appreciate the cost of those regulations. The fact that a good or service can be produced more cheaply elsewhere helps.

Trump’s threats to impose high tariffs on the products of companies that leave ought to be a worry for us … President Barack Obama has circumvented the Constitution and Congress through executive orders. … One wonders whether Trump plans to broaden that power by implementing trade tariffs through executive order. … By the way, all trade is fair in the eyes of the parties trading, or else they would not trade. It’s third parties who seek to interfere.

His worry is indicative. He is worried about the incoming president where the worry is speculative but just notes the reality of his worry about the current president. He also illustrates that his base concern isn’t so much executive abuse of the Constitution as it is of the regulatory agencies run amok.

Tucker Carlson ‘interviewed’ one of the House Boycotters and demonstrated that the boycotters concerns were ignorant of Trump’s published positions and ideas and that the Representative had much in common with Trump’s views despite asserting no common ground.

On the Russian blame game (one of the two most common Leftist excuses for losing several thousand elections country wide): “It should come as no surprise that the Democratically commissioned dossier is virtually incredible.” … “The strangest part of this story is that the so-called intelligence community in the United States reportedly got bamboozled into briefing President Obama and President-elect Trump on the dossier, and possibly presenting a summary of it to them.” … “The real story here is that the perfidious Russians were themselves being spied on.” [Warren L. Dean Jr]

It’s “Drunk on Group Think” (Kennedy). What makes it remarkable is that it is an anti-civilization effort based on blatant ignorance and dishonesty. It makes it clear that many Democrats have effective governance very low on their list of priorities and grievance politics at the very top. Trump inauguration boycott grows to third of Democratic caucus – “President-elect’s feud with John Lewis fuels unity. ” Even the Washington Times is showing the Left bias here. A cursory look at the Lewis ruckus reveals it was a Lewis feud with Trump based on fake news (The Russians and the LA/NYC vote) and ignorance of Trump’s positions. No matter. That’s just intellectual integrity and that is not valued much on the Left.

“It seems fairly unprecedented this number of people would boycott and in such a formalized manner,” said Barbara Perry, presidential studies director of the Miller Center of Public Affairs at the University of Virginia.

House Democrats know a thing or two about boycotting Republican inaugurals — a handful skipped the 2001 swearing-in of President George W. Bush — but the only event comparable to this year’s exodus in terms of scale is the 1973 inauguration of President Nixon.

David Sherfinski: Newt Gingrich on boycotters: Why would you ‘abandon America’? – ““They’re childish and silly. The inauguration is not about Republicans. It’s not about Donald Trump,” Mr. Gingrich said.” On the up side is the idea that they are making this clear to the public at large. This perfidy in politicians has much to do with Trump winning the election and the antics of the left like the aggressive bullying and the pompous boycotting may help educate others who have not yet understood the lesson.

On the bias in evidence front, Douglas Ernst reports that Bill Maher puts Hollywood ‘bubble’ on notice: ‘We’re the losers now’ – ““It’s very insular, just the liberals talking to themselves, which they are very good at doing,” Mr. Maher said.” Then there’s this: “It is a very troubling idea that the FBI is politicized. When the internal police department is politicized, that’s a place I don’t want to be on the wrong side of — I mean, that’s fascism.” He ‘forgets’ that the FBI issue was based on the politicization of the DoJ and efforts to dance around top down pressure and the AG meeting with the suspect. That bias about pending Fascism also misses what has been happening in the IRS and other agencies. i.e. there is a who lotta’ projection going on.

Robert Oscar Lopez says Want to Know Why Trump Won? Just Ask His Supporters – He highlights why the TDS temper tantrums are so dangerous. The tantrums feed into the angst that elected Trump. The election was the proper, the peaceful way for the angst to speak. If it is not heard then other ways to speak will happen.

If you have never been publicly accused of bigotry, you may have a difficult time understanding what political correctness means for the ordinary citizen who cannot afford to be fired, does not retain a personal lawyer, has no publicist, and lacks the resources to rescue his reputation from the onslaught of a left-wing character smear.
“Bigot! Hater!” These used to be allegations that might make one less attractive on the social scene, but nowadays they are as deadly as being accused of sorcery in 1690 in Massachusetts, or of sodomy in 1890 in London, or of Communism in 1953 in Washington, D.C.
Since Trump won, I find a huge burden lifted from me. So much of people’s ability to make me afraid to speak honestly pointed ultimately to Obama’s presence at the top of the chain of being, to marshal civic powers against anyone accused of hate. Without the IRS, the Department of Justice, the intelligence community, and the whole federal behemoth backing up the P.C. troops on the streets, we are…free.

It feels wonderful, and Trump isn’t even president yet.

S.E.Cupp has her opinion, too: Democrats, please control yourselves: Trump derangement syndrome will not help win policy fights – “If Democrats want to project strength and confidence in their ability to survive in the era of Trump — and one day defeat him — they have a long recovery ahead.” People are observing and many understand what they see.

In the hours and days following Trump’s toppling of Hillary Clinton, liberals around the country collapsed into seizing, heaving piles of inconsolable apoplexy. And it’s led to some truly tragic, and embarrassing, behavior among some.
Snit fits about every little thing are not an effective way to oppose a President’s agenda.

Party leaders and activists don’t look defiant, resolved and unified; they look alarmingly insecure, weak and spastic.

She falls into the ‘both sides do it fallacy’ – can you find any mainstream Republican kicking and screaming in response to Obama like we see now by Democrats in response to Trump? But, in this case, that is a minor issue in her main point that “if we want to get through this, and maybe get a Democrat or another Republican elected in four years, we need to pick ourselves up, put our heads down, and go to work.”

Don Surber takes up the compare and contrast in President Trump and Obama — a Tale of Two Palms – It highlights the fact that Trump, and much of his cabinet, are entering government after retiring from successful careers while the Obamas, and the Clintons, and Harry Reid entered government as paupers looking for wealth and fame in government service. He illustrates the absurdity about these ‘unfit’ judgments and complaints about lack of experience or lack of qualifications directed at Trump.

Only after he succeeded in life, did Donald Trump seek the presidency.

Then there is Barack Obama, a man who built nothing and did nothing prior to running for office. He wrote two books, did he?

Trump wrote 18.
As an over-rated community organizer once said, You Did Not Built This.

By the way, the Clintons and the Obamas mooched off friends to vacation in Martha’s Vineyard. Both Bushes and Reagan went to their own vacation places.

On the typical Leftist smearing of the ‘Republicans are going to push grandma off the cliff and kill women and children variety’ is John Merline asking Are Those ‘ObamaCare Saved My Life’ Stories Legitimate?

But the relevant question isn’t: “Did ObamaCare help some people?” The relevant question is: “Could the same benefits have been achieved at lower costs?

Did ObamaCare help some people? No doubt.

Are there a better, cheaper, more competitive, less intrusive ways to expand insurance coverage by making it more affordable?

Given ObamaCare’s enormous price tag, the disruptions it’s caused, the false promises made to get it enacted, the market implosion it sparked, and the ongoing lack of public support, the answer to that question is also a definitive “Yes.”

On the Fake News front is the IBD on Media Malpractice In The Age Of Trump – “For eight years, it was virtually impossible to get reporters interested in legitimate Obama administration scandals. Now, reporters are so eager to run scandal stories about the incoming Trump administration that they are making them up.” The example is the attempt to smear nominee Tom Price.

In other words, there is no story here, much less a scandal.

The fact that CNN pretended that there was one says nothing about Price’s ethics. It does, however, say plenty about the blatant partisan bias of today’s “independent” press.

The rant of the day award goes to Colin Flaherty on Trump and Obama’s Legacy of Racism – “Racial quotas and affirmative action is an essential part of every cubicle in every office in every department. Top to bottom … white people have to fix that. Because black people are not responsible for their own behavior. .”

Now the only question is whether Trump and his army are going to be ready to take the helm of a federal government that has made racial resentment a fundamental organizing principle of its existence. Part of the DNA of every policy in every nook and cranny in every federal office.

Or whether they think this cancer of institutional racial resentment can wait another day.

On the gun control issue Jazz Shaw says A roundup of illegal guns in Washington, D.C. proves telling – “one thing we do know is that the vast, vast majority of firearms used in crimes were not bought at the local gun shop by someone who passed a background check.”

one of the bright spots at the Washington Post has been the work of Colbert I. King. While we obviously don’t agree on everything, he usually covers the D.C. metro beat and his reporting is generally fair and critical of the district’s government where deserved. He’s done a lot of work on the outrageous but often unreported crime rate and the problems residents have been facing on that score. This week he looks at a collection of weapons confiscated from criminals and highlights some important information. Shockingly for the WaPo, it doesn’t point to an immediate demand for stricter gun control laws. In fact, a closer look indicates almost precisely the opposite.
think about the work the district police are doing. They are finding a relatively huge number of guns considering that D.C. has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation. And pretty much all of those guns were obtained illegally. Keep that in mind next time you talk to someone pushing for more background checks and tougher restrictions on legal firearms purchases.

Stephen Hayward manages to come up with both a smear and Fake News and media malfeasance: Washington Post Goes Full Retard – “And people in the media wonder why Trump, and much of the population, think the media is the enemy.” The case is dissected.

You may have seen the latest claims about ‘warmest evva’ – Luboš Motl explains what’s going on in GISS: 1998-2016 comparison suggests a trend of 2 °C per century.

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