Don’t get too down on education systems in the US

You may have noticed that this year’s crop of Nobel Prize awards are again dominated by Americans. With all of the moaning and gnashing of teeth about the public education system, this fact generates responses that show that creative rationalization is also not in short supply.

EDS’ Next Big Thing Blog : I Hear Rumors That Our Education Institutions Are In Trouble has another story with hope for the future.

We don’t have to worry about the future of education. Today’s youth will demand a superior local education system or they will go to any Internet institution that can satisfy their needs. All we have to do as the adults is make sure the local school systems and Internet institutions are capable of living up to our children’s expanding expectations.

This is an interesting view on market based education. There is so much experience within a child’s grasp that he or she will seek out the education they need to understand it and use it and extend it. Give them a chance, a bit of support, then stand back and watch out for the next batch of Nobel Prize winners.

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