Gitmo Report

Richard Miniter says

America has never faced an enemy who has so ruthlessly broken all of the rules of war – yet never has an enemy been treated so well.

in the New York Post column A deadly kindness: at Gitmo, PC rules let Quedas plot on.

This is related to the debate resulting from a Supreme Court decision about how to clarify vague Geneva Convention language. The primary argument by those who want the US to treat every prisoner as is they were a civilian caught on the streets of a city by a cop is that we must treat them this way to protect our soldiers when they get caught on the battlefied. The problem is that we haven’t had any enemies that show any respect for the rules of the game in recent times. Again, the appeasement argument despite plentiful evidence that it has no basis in reality.

And that is the Gitmo result. Appeasement of those in the fifth column to the point that terrorists picked up in action against our military are being treated with excessive deference with the result that a military prison is being used for the benefit of our enemies.

The enemy of most concern is that within.

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