Two views: Lame Duck session or Wounded Duck interregnum?

Here are two views of the actions of the outgoing president and the president-elect since the election in November. Keep in mind that one of the top ranking rules in politics is when you are in a hole the first thing to do is to stop digging.

Kelly Riddell: A graceless exit – “Outgoing President Obama buries land mines for the Trump presidency.”

“Since the Nov. 8 results, Mr. Obama has taken a blow torch to the Oval Office, ensuring through his last minute executive actions and agency rulings, that Mr. Trump will have anything but a smooth transition into office.

“Mr. Obama — looking to protect his legacy — has unilaterally made several moves to undermine and undercut Mr. Trump’s ability to deliver on his campaign promises.”

Marcus: Does Trump realize there can only be one president at a time?

“One of the hallmarks of our democratic system is its commitment to the peaceful transition of power. This practice comes with two important, linked corollaries that fall under the umbrella that there can be only one president at a time. The first is that the incoming president, especially in the arena of foreign policy, takes care not to trespass on the prerogatives of the incumbent. The second is that the outgoing president, once departed, remains largely mute, giving his successor space to operate unimpeded by post-presidential backseat carping.

“President-elect Donald Trump must have missed this memo.

“This public tussling is as disturbing as it is unprecedented.”

Quite a contrast!

One way to look at this is that Marcus is telling Trump to ‘shut up’ as the left has a habit of doing when its ideologies are being opposed and it has no reasonable support for its views.

While Trump is talking to nearly anyone and everyone to prepare for governance — as per usual — Obama is doing and acting without factual support (Russian sanctions, EPA war on coal, …) and without any consideration for the public or Congress — as per usual for him.

Check MRC on how the discussion went in 2008. Not only is there the ‘shut up’ meme but there is also the ‘goose — gander’ thing that what’s good for me is bad for you idea.

The president-elect might have missed some unwritten memo but it is the current president who has dismissed the election.

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