Notes from the day’s information stream

So much is flying by. The pot is boiling. People are observing, thinking, and posting their results. Here’s a sampler.

Remember the Christian bakers – “Liberal dancers who scoff at others’ beliefs, suddenly find their conscience”

That ended up being fake news promoted by one woman on Facebook, not associated with anyone involved, and unaware of the fact that Rockette participation in the inaugural event is completely voluntary. Moreover, they had more dancers volunteering than available slots for the Inaugural gig, so no one will be dancing “with tears in their eyes,” as the one gloomy Rockette dramatically predicted on her Instagram.

Yet it’s fair to say the same liberals who support the Rockettes’ right to not perform are the same people who have no problem with Christian businesses being attacked for declining to participate in something that violates their conscience and faith. In their cases, the refusal to cater or bake a cake for a gay wedding.

Arguably, Donald Trump’s ascendancy is the result of eight years of liberals punishing those who are not protected groups of the left or who do not pay allegiance to that point of view.

This Christmas season was different – “Donald Trump brought ‘Merry Christmas’ back, leaving the crybabies at the door.” Then there’s New York Times’ St. Nicholas picks a bone with Christ on Christmas. – “Just imagine it is one of the holiest days of the Muslim calendar and The New York Times decides to “celebrate” the occasion by asking incredulous questions aimed at obliterating the very foundation of the entire religion of Islam.”

Thomas Lifson: DC Court of Appeals re-opens search for deleted Hillary emails – this time with grand juries and subpoenas, if necessary – “a ruling from DC Court of Appeals Judge Stephen Williams. His ruling reversed a lower court decision that halted FOIA lawsuits by Judicial Watch and Cause of Action that had sought Justice Department probes into the possible existence of records of the deleted emails.”

Editor Barry Shaw: The vote was not about “settlements” – it was much worse – “The Security Council vote was not about settlements. It was about something far worse.” Learn about the deceitful and dishonest gotcha’s.

The UNSC vote was not about “settlements.” It was an Arab subterfuge, a trap into which the United States, the UK, New Zealand and other naïve or cynical diplomats took an active role.

It was all smoke and mirrors, a con trick holding up the settlement issue to dazzle the voters while the real intent was to disown Israel of territories to which they have genuine claim and turn them into “illegally occupied Palestinian territory.”

For certain, President Obama latched on to the idea. It was pay-back time, a golden opportunity not to be missed to hit back at Bibi before handing in the keys to the White House. For shame!

On Israel, also see Ed Morrissey: Hoyer to Kerry: Shut up – “Barack Obama came into office fumbling on the issue of settlements, and it looks like he’s determined to go out in the same manner.” Instapundit notes “the leak is quite damaging. This is what you get when you spend eight years ignoring communications security and then try to pull a fast one. I guess that’s called “smart diplomacy.”” Betsy Newmark cites David French explains how international law is being used to try to delegitimize Israel with a good rundown on how war and conflict, winners and losers get all confused when it comes to Israel.

Brian C. Joondeph: The Media That Cried Wolf

“Many of these fake hate crimes occurred before Trump’s election. Only now, post-election, are they increasing in an effort to delegitimize Trump’s presidency and his supporters.

“The moral of Aesop’s fable is that habitual liars are not believed, even when they are telling the truth. Americans are tuning out the news and parade of supposed hate crimes. There will come a time when real outrage is warranted but America will simply yawn and say “here we go again”.”

Examples by ACE:: Stay Woke: Yet Another “Hate Crime” Revealed As Staged and a “we’ll see” Obama: After Leaving the White House, I Need to be “Still” With My Own Thoughts So I Can “Process” What Just Happened.

On the Allahpundit front there is Your depressing poll result of the day that illustrates why Fake News™ is a real concern. See YouGov poll: 52% of Democrats believe Russia tampered with the vote totals to get Trump elected president. On the TDS front Allahpundit gets in his dig:

“Exit question: When YouGov asked if it’s true that millions of illegal votes were cast last month, 52 percent of Republicans and 62 percent of Trump voters said it definitely or probably is. Er, why would you believe that about an election you won? Is it a way for Republicans to explain Hillary’s popular-vote victory to themselves, with most of the illegal votes being cast in California rather than in the Rust Belt states where Hillary really needed them? If Democrats were capable of turning out illegal voters en masse, you would think they could have cranked out enough of them in Florida and Pennsylvania given the narrow margins of Trump’s victories there to give her the presidency.”

Instapundit cites: Wisconsin John Doe probe will never be over for furious Democrats and wonders “Why do these people still have jobs?” – The Sowell Patrol provides :14 Amazing Thomas Sowell Quotes in Honor of His Last Column. And another citing Powerline: Words of wisdom over the years from Dr. Thomas Sowell.

There’s been a lot going on in 2016 besides the death of celebrities. Gordon Govier lists Biblical Archaeology’s Top Ten Discoveries of 2016 – “A glimpse at the important excavation work revealed this year.” – “Archaeological discoveries announced in 2016 help us better understand the Bible and the biblical world, and affirm the Bible’s details about events and people.”

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