Road Trip Bouncer. Tidbits

This morning’s tidbits …

Allahpundit: “Waters is showing you what that looks like here. The answer to the party’s problems is to be less nice.” That answers the question about what is important to a Democrat and how they approach problem solving.

Ed Morrissey: Alan Dershowitz is not happy about current foreign policy. Very not happy.

Scott Johnson compliments as Thomas Sowell signs off by remembering a first encounter: “[I]n the picture that Galbraith presents, there are no real issues. There is only the Keynesian truth and those too blind to acknowledge it. Franklin D. Roosevelt coined the phrase, “economic royalists.” There are also intellectual royalists, who rule by decree and give the peasants no reasons, but only the time-honored “bread and circuses.” Galbraith omits the bread.”

Then there’s the Coyote on what to do with the Christmas tree: “If you are worried about greenhouse gasses and global warming, then I have some Christmas advice for you. When you are done with your Christmas tree, do NOT take it to one of those “recycling” locations most towns have. The recycling process is typically chipping and mulching the trees, which just accelerates their decomposition into greenhouse gasses. If you are really concerned about catastrophic warming, you want to use your tree as a carbon sink. Have it shrink-wrapped in some sort of plastic what won’t biodegrade and then landfill it — the deeper it is buried, the better. Those folks trying to get you to “recycle” your tree are secretly in the pay of the Koch brothers and trying to trick you into ruining the environment.” Let’s assume this is ‘tongue firmly planted in cheek’ as a comment about the modern Green Blob.

Then there’s the Christmas feel good as Selema Zito describes a Miracle on the Old Lincoln Highway. American ingenuity is finding ways to help those in need and finding a way to qualify that need with some degree of fiscal management. A layaway defines a need and shows priority, budgeting, and a commitment for success. So now there’s a layaway angel hitting Walmarts.

Instapundit notes Jason Riley: Why Liberals Oppose Ben Carson: Trump’s HUD nominee grew up poor, and he knows public housing isn’t where people prefer to live.. “HUD’s original goal was to establish voter farms for the Democrats, and it’s been wildly successful in that. Everything else is just noise. What worries Democrats about Ben Carson is that he might upset that applecart.”

Also in Instapundit Krauthammer’s Take: It’s As If the U.N. Passed a Resolution Declaring Mecca Jewish Territory. They’d never do that. Someone would kill them.

Newt Gingrich says The New York Times is having a hard time understanding President-elect.  “Trumpism is a process and a philosophy of action and leadership so different from the normal Washington systems that the Times just seems incapable of understanding it. — Furthermore, there is an Orwellian quality of deliberation misinformation and disinformation to the Times’ coverage.” He ought to know what with a recent public Trump experience.

There is a story in American Interest about a new concept being applied to infrastructure projects. (AI is still rather old school on publications protection so beware) The Design-Build process is the one being used for the USA Parkway at the Tahoe Reno Industrial Complex. As a side note, there was a good essay on historical context for the Gospels on the AI website yesterday but the protections inhibited its reference.

How about busting metrification myths?

James Louis gets into psychiatric analysis. “In this season of despair for the left, liberals are not just going through a hissy fit after Hillary lost. They are showing us a bunch of primitive, infantile defenses.” This sort of thing is becoming more common as the behavior is getting hard to avoid.

Phil Shapiro thinks science needs and upgrade to open. This is interesting because science, by definition, is an open, social process. The implication is that modern science is somewhat lacking in this basic value. I guess you could get a glimmer of where this comes from by looking at the climate debate or the many efforts resorting to legal processes to obtain data or many other items in the news these days.


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