It gets old fast: Celebrity Pimping

Karol Markowicz says The entertainment elite’s Inaugural boycott will backfire — again. This is a response to the attempts of the Left and Democrat efforts to get celebrity performers to boycott the Trump inauguration ceremonies. It’s so bad even Robert Reich is promoting a Freedom United Concert to coincide and compete with the inauguration. Boycotting just isn’t good enough. That’s why riots and other mayhem are so popular. At least a concert is (or should be) a bit more civil.

The real issue is the bubble created by the left’s Stalinized airbrushing of non-liberals out of American popular culture.

The liberal bent in everything goes far beyond just Broadway or Hollywood. It permeates everything. And it gets old fast.

It’s a world Democrats don’t inhabit. They would never be reading a home magazine and find themselves knee deep in conservative political conspiracy theories. Same goes for women’s magazines, which are all automatically liberal with uniform opinions on “women’s issues,” as if conservative women don’t exist. Then there’s a shock when 53 percent of white women choose Trump.

As liberals continue to draw cultural lines that leave conservatives out, they have to notice that it’s translating to ballot-box losses.

The all-encompassing liberalism in popular culture might not be hurting the performers’ financial bottom lines (so far), but it’s certainly not doing anything to help their political causes, either. As we learned this election, we ignore whole segments of the population at our peril.

It’s like what the Democrats tried to do on the campaign trail: pimp the celebrities hoping some of their popularity would rub off on Clinton et al. It didn’t. What this sort of effort did tend to do, it appears, is to generate more of an us versus them thing and that reinforced the opposition. You’d think the Left would have learned something from that experience but learning from reality seems rare in that direction so they’ll try again. It’s like that definition of insane: doing the same thing over and over expecting different results this time.

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