Starting September 2006

So much is happening and there are many things that have implications or direct consequence that appear to touch many fundamental issues.

Former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage has admitted his role in the Wilson brouhaha. David Broder suggests that some folks should apologize to Karl Rove. This was another canard used by the political opposition that has gone down in flames. It shows that there is an infinite army of figments of the imagination but one wonders when reality will begin to hold sway to dry up that army and get to honest discussion of differences.

The ABC docu-drama based on the 911 commission report has now been threatened by Democrats. Remember those who are paranoid about the current administration squashing rights of free speech? Those folks are now threatening ABC with its broadcast license if they dare to exercise such a right.

And a McCain Feingold political reform aka the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 deadline has passed so no one can legally criticize an incumbant in the upcoming elections.

The economy paranoia continues to refute the data. Gas prices are dropping. Chevron proved what looks to be a massive oil reserve in the Gulf of Mexico, and all the numbers are heading in the right directions. But there are many folks dour and down on the economy anyway.

The administration has been providing a number of speeches from its top leaders about the GWOT. Their opposition howls about things that weren’t said but they thought they heard anyway. Chief of Staff Bolton sent a response to the Reid/Pelosi ‘how to fix Iraq’ plan describing just how all of the suggestions, except one, were implemented. That exception was the tuck tail and run suggestion. For some reason the administration doesn’t think much of it.

An accountability through transparency bill finally got through the Senate. There was quite a ruckus about various Senators holding it up for a while. The House version excepts contractors from this idea of publicly posting each and every budget earmark of the federal government so there is a bit of haggling yet to be done before the bill gets to the President.

The media problem is also suffering accountability through transparency. The recent conflict in Lebanon provided a number of blatant examples of photograph manipulation. And there seems to be a hobby in several quarters doing compare and contrast analyses between reports of administration speeches and what was actually said.

The Katrina aniversary didn’t seem to make much of a bash. New Orelans is now finding that perhaps the fundamental source of the levee break was not the hurricane but that hasn’t helped recovery any. Houston and other cities are paying in higher crime rates for their largess in accepting New Orleans refugees. Meanwhile the rest of the areas hard hit are showing the New Orelans folks how its done – of you want to get back on your feet in a responsible manner.

Then there’s the ex-Iran president invited to Harvard as another example that sometimes the self professed ‘smarter than thou’ crowd just doesn’t get it.

And, to wind it all up, you ought to see the 9/11 conspiracy theories being espoused with all due seriousness by people you’d think would know better.

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