Are they the evil they pretend to despise?

Mike Ford is a retired Infantry Colonel who has personally observed many of the effects of Saddam Hussein and his sons’ rule. He calls out Kevin D. Williamson and says the National Review owes an apology to the Trump family.

I have stood at the side of a mass grave, seen the bodies and smelled the horrific odor of victims of Saddam, Uday and Qusay. Mr. Williamson’s comparison of the Trump family to the likes of the Husseins is so far beyond the pale as to defy description.

Williamson is not alone in his deranged behavior. Consider the Jet Blue Gay Harrassment team (JBGHT). From a story this morning, it appears the JBGHT is getting called on its behavior, too, albeit with tweets and comments that are rather over the top as well.

There is a need for intellectual integrity and equating those you do not like or do not agree with as evil personified is way short of that need and perhaps an example of the evil you pretend to despise.

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