Two airplane harassment incidents

It gets confusing with all the acting out going on. One incident was a professional agitator on a Delta flight generating fake news about ‘how the U.S. hates Muslims’ and the other was about a gay guy that Jet Blue moved to a later flight because he could not stand flying with Ivanka Trump and her family. Paul Mirengoff described the latter as Freakout on an airplane with this summary:

And, as at the play “Hamilton,” the American public got another look at how leftists ignore the norms of civility, and at the classy way in which Trump’s close associates respond.

If the left keeps this up, Trump soon will be fully “normalized” and a clear majority of Americans will be on his side.

The agitated professor was asserting that the Trump family should have been flying private instead of public carrier coach. This gets interesting in light of the condemnation of the wealth in the Trump family. 

But first we get the incredible display. Now comes the incredible rationalizations. Hopefully there will be enough laughter to sink in and inhibit the incivility.

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