Awareness: Code Words

Jazz Shaw describes how Activists fret over “which crimes are eligible for deportation” under Trump. The worry of activists is notable as it is based on a fear of what might happen and that fear is based on perceptions that exaggerate and distort reality. If this isn’t enough, wait, there’s more!

All of the code words in this article are predictable and common among amnesty proponents. The government is “targeting” people. Some of those being deported are only charged with “minor crimes.” No matter what Trump winds up doing on immigration you can expect to see these sorts of stories repeated ad nauseam in the press, always highlighting the one person they find who came from truly tragic circumstances in their original home and who committed the least serious offenses possible.

There’s a rather crucial observation missing from this story, however, and likely from all those to follow over the next four years.

What these liberal authors seem to be getting confused over is the fact that we’ve been prioritizing the deportation of the felons who are the worst of the worst.

Those code words are often modifiers, adjectives and adverbs. It is like seeing “billionaire” to describe Trump’s nominations. This morning, “Democrats accuse” should have been a clue that code words were in full swing. Shaw also notes the logical fallacy that is often used in misperceptions, that of the binary interpretation of graduated phenomena. Then, of course, there is the absurdity of some of the FUD Mongering. “Complaining about Trump deporting people who have done something less serious than murder or sexual assault is complaining that he’s enforcing the law.” That’s like not realizing what you are saying when you accuse more than a third of the people of the country of wanting to starve children and abuse women.

First things first. Know one’s self and consider just how accurate and reasonable your perceptions and views might be. Listen to others with a goal of trying to understand them, not with the goal of confirming your fantasies. And be aware that others see you and learn from some of the highlights of “election remorse'” that have been subject to discussion and ridicule. They might just be talking about you.

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