A depressing pattern

Victor Davis Hanson notes a Depressing pattern:

The sources for Western erroneous reports and faked pictures always seem to exaggerate the damage to Lebanon — but never to Israel.

Instead far more worrisome is the moral crisis in the West itself. If so many of its politicians, intellectuals and media will not or cannot fathom moral differences in this war, they will hardly be able to see them anywhere else.

There is an accounting. The errors in reports are no longer being ignored. Doctored photographs and fictional captions are being dissected and discussed. The dishonesty is being laid bare for all to see.

But some will not see. The denials are much like how ‘Swiftboat’ is being used. There are people in influential positions who will not accept reality. Much as they impugn the Swiftboat veterans without any evidence they adhere to their moral equivalance between terrorist gangs and civilized nations.

The contrast is stark and it has been clearly defined in commentary, cartoon, and report. Whether it is uniforms or tactics there are easily made distinctions that are critical in the history of armed conflict. But there are those who do not see, will not see. And that is the depressing pattern because it means we will repeat what has happened in the past when such blindness has driven behavior.

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