Jay has a good one on plans

Jay Tea, at Wizbang, has a good explanation of the nature of plans, goals, and objectives in light of the kind of assult Ms Clinton engaged in against Mr. Rumsfeld yesterday.

The temptation to demand solid plans, concrete commitments, and definite timelines is understandable. War is a hideous thing, and no one in their right mind wants it to continue an instant longer than necessary. But to insist on such things is to invite defeat.

But what has happened, as Ms Clinton has illustrated, is not only that the Administration’s opposition has succumbed to temptation, they have gone on to use their expectations to pass judgment. This is an attempt to elevate a difference of opinion to a matter of certitude.

To extend Jay’s sports metaphor: the footbal coach goes into a game with his plays planned out. But it is a loosing coach who will not adapt his game plan to what he actually finds on the field. Any experienced coach knows that no matter how good his ‘intelligence’ in scouting out the opposing team, things will happen that create surprises.

Pretending that real life is absolutely predictable is a fool’s fantasy – or a politician’s hypocrisy.

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