The Assertions

There seems to be a lot of judgin’ goin’ ’round these days. Especially when it comes to condemning the President. Opinion has been elevated in its expression and promoted by certain media outlets as fact. ‘Amiranta’ discussed some of what should be of note in a comment to the blog entry William F. Buckley: Bush Not A True Conservative

the article is very slanted. While it does present small token arguments on the side of the President, it is clearly an effort to create an image of him as riding roughshod over the Constitution.

However, the powers granted to the President by the Constitution have been the topic of disagreement for approximagately 205 years, give or take a year or so. This is nothing new. Constitutional scholars have been arguing these points, or the basis for these points, for two centuries. And Supreme Court decisions, and other court decisions, have tended to come down on the side of the president when they have been asked to rule.

Certainly the ABA can have an opinion, anc can express it. But they are not the arbiters of constitutionality.

I find it unpersuasive to argue that merely having a different opinion regarding Consitutional definitions of, or limits on, Presidential authority is the same thing as “trampling over the Constitution”.

What concerns me is the eagerness of the Left to blindly accept an opinion of a highly biased source, whether it be the NYT or Air America or some other agenda-driven entity, as law and fact and absolute proof of wrongdoing, instead of recognizing it as merely a different opinion. As a difference of opinion, a matter can be discussed and can stimulate thought. But when an opinion is presented as absolute fact, there is no discussion, merely defense of a position. This is not productive.

You see the headlines but you should wonder. Since when does a lawyer espouse the verdict? What is it that actually determines the case and makes the decision? We have methods for figuring out which opinion will prevail – and we have means to change our minds if we so choose. So when you see rhetoric that condemns as if the Almighty himself has made judgment, it is time to put on the skeptics hat and start asking appropriate questions.

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