Hero of the left down: Castro at 90

Paul Mirengoff observes the fall-out from the death of Fidel Castro at 90. Castro is a long time hero of the anti-American left as typified by recent hagiographic remarks from the NFL poster boy for the movement.

It will be fascinating to read and view the mainstream media’s treatment of the dead dictator. I wonder to what extent the MSM, which wants to resist “normalizing” Donald Trump, will normalize the Cuban tyrant and his regime, as President Obama has done to some extent. I expect we will see at least a few stories in the “he did some good things; he did some bad things, but what a giant he was” mode.

Washington Post reporters Kevin Sullivan and J.Y. Smith don’t go that far. … This is clever. The dubious positives are presented as assertions by his admirers; the undeniable negatives are presented as facts. Even the suggestion that Castro was a humanitarian is offensive, but the Post’s treatment is probably the best we can expect from the mainstream media.

It’s better, for example, than the New York Times’ account by Anthony DePalma. … Some might call this account balanced. I call it sickening.

The truth is that Fidel Castro was a monster. That his crimes didn’t rise to the level of Stalin’s or Mao’s is in large part due to the small size of the country he lorded over and the failure of his efforts at conquest in South America and Africa.

It becomes the mystery of our time how so many, like the $20m+ quarterback or the U.S. President much less most of the academic elite, can be so enamored of tyrants and dictators who have caused so much human misery, suffering, and death. And that’s only half of it. The same folks are full of contempt for the culture and governance that has done more for lifting humanity out of poverty and enriching the human existence than any other in world history. 

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