Picked apart, analyzed, and discussed – we can hope

George Neumyar has a Special Report, The Borking Bullies of the Left — “They are a “throwback to a shameful era.” The topic is the resurrection of the (pre-)Borking of Sessions thirty years ago. It is a reminder that Reid had a predecessor (mentor?) in Kennedy along with just how far the Democratic Party is willing to take reality.

“Everything is true except the facts” — the description once given to the British journalist Malcolm Muggeridge about Stalin’s show trials — applied just as much to the Kennedy-dominated proceedings. Whatever Sessions said in a moment of gallows humor was laughably minor, compared to the comments made by Teddy’s brothers, President John F. Kennedy and Sen. Robert Kennedy, about Martin Luther King Jr. Yet Teddy faked up shock at the tendentious testimony against Sessions and declared on the basis of it that he was a “throwback to a shameful era” in America.

The Pravda-like editorial in the New York Times the other day about Sessions is Exhibit A of how the left builds on its own lies.

It is this outrageous demagoguery that the American people rejected at the ballot box. They have grown tired of scaremongering as a substitute for solving problems, and they recognize that it is the self-appointed champions of “victims” who behave like bullies, subjecting mild-mannered figures such as Pence and Sessions to diatribes about decency. The “shameful era” to which they didn’t want to return turned out to be the one in which the Ted Kennedys treated mere conservatism as a career-ending crime.

Who is going to pick up on the Kennedy Reid tradition? The bench is rather empty and no disciple is readily apparent. This time, the transparency has improved. The deceit and dishonesty is on the table. It is being picked apart, analyzed, and discussed. What was under the table is no longer so easy to pretend doesn’t exist.

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