monolithic echo chamber

Larry O’Conner And this is why I was a closeted conservative when I worked on Broadway. Trump said an apology for being rude was needed but the ACLU called on Trump to apologize because he expressed an opinion. This is how it works. Consider all the charges of racism and KKK affiliation and worse. Completely backwards yet this is how it works. O’Conner saw ‘how it works’ and changed career to get away from the dishonesty.

When the cast of Hamilton chose to thrust their play (and the professional theatre industry) into the national political conversation Friday night, it was inevitable that I would write the post you are about to read. Because for over 15 years I worked in the theatre business and know first hand what it’s like to hold conservative views while surrounded by liberal activists bent on using their profile and platform to push their ideas and shame those who might disagree.

Oh, the actors might rush to say that “Republicans are all welcome” to their play. But creative people in a medium as visual and impactful as theatre know very well the net results of this political grandstanding.

“If you don’t agree with us on politics, you’re going to be lectured to and publicly shamed,” is the message conservatives, Republicans and anyone who wasn’t #WithHer received from this little episode, whether that was the actors’ intent or not.

Indeed I can tell you from first hand experience that in the theatre industry diversity is only skin-deep and genital-high. It’s the superficial and irrelevant differences of race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality that the members of the theatre community obsess over, not the more important and challenging intellectual diversity of opinions that they reject and ignore.

My former colleagues in the theatre industry claim they want to foster discussion and they hope for a dialogue about these issues, but they are being disingenuous, at best. They don’t want a dialogue, they want a monologue.

That’s what we saw on Friday night from the stage on 47th street. A monologue. A speech. A lecture. It was patronizing and it was condescending and there was no room for rebuttal.

I realize now that the “theatrical community” is nothing more than a monolithic echo chamber that tries to fool itself into thinking they are open-minded and encouraging of all people from every walk of life.

The consider the President’s comments oversees that he won’t comment about the incoming administration unless it threatens American values. Why did this get notice? Perhaps the arrogant patronizing and hubris are beginning wear a bit thin. Perhaps the hunger for intellectual integrity is becoming more prominent. Perhaps.

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