A good summary: tactics, behavior, and expectations

Clarice Feldman says Let’s Talk Turkey: Free Speech in an Autocratic Era. The column is a dense summary of the post election trauma from “The Euro version of the “Trump needs guidance” meme” to VDH’s observation that “The nexus of attack will not be a dramatic scandalous revelation — it will be intended to induce bleeding from a thousand tiny nicks and cuts, all designed to reduce his moral authority and thus his ability to ratchet back the progressive decade.”

NPR appears not to have appreciated the blowback to their Bannon slime job so reports are that they will avoid any further interviews with conservatives. Another ‘commentator’ observes that ‘the Democrats haven’t been this upset since we freed their slaves.’ On the one side are those like the cast of Hamilton who fear for their lives and on the other are those who say ‘enough already’.

The delusion is palpable and is being examined for what it really is. Feldman provides a very dense summary from a very rich field of observations.

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