Harry Reid

Patterico’s Pontifications posts Harry Reid’s Letter To James Comey with a few comments to place it in context and to qualify it.

As recently as last month, Reid gloated about the false accusation he made against Mitt Romney during the 2012 presidential campaign. This in spite of evidence showing that Reid was outright lying. But to a corrupt bastard like Harry Reid, proof means nothing. Only winning. And he has certainly shown that there is no line he will not cross in order to do just that.

Of course there are numerous examples which demonstrate Reid’s dishonesty and seared conscience, so it’s no surprise that in a desperate move, he fired off a letter to James Comey today accusing him of violating the Hatch Act:

And during an interview with Brett Baier, Gowdy offered this: “Thank God he’s leaving, is my initial reaction. My second reaction is: I did not know Mormons used drugs. And anyone who is capable of sending out that press release has to be under the influence of something.”

anything to win … isn’t that why Clinton is in this predicament to start with?

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