durka durka, mohammed jihad [refrain]

A video of Cpl. Joshua Belile singing a song he wrote is being used as more ammunition for the ‘oh, why don’t we have sensitive soldiers’ crowd. Texas Rainmaker has a good summary with links to relevant information and the lyrics of the song, Hadji Girl, that is causing offense.

The song is the story of a Marine enticed by a young girl into an ambush. She gets shot by the terrorists as she is between the Marine and the terrorists. The moral of the story is that you don’t mess with Marines. The moral of the controversy is a quote from Cpl Belile’s Band:

Insensitive? Marines insensitive? God I hope so. We need them to kick ass and follow orders but we don’t need them to be particularly sensitive. A sensitive Marine Corps will be the death of this country.

In other words, this is another attempt to paint US soldiers as insensitive brutes committing atrocities as a matter of national policy. Just be careful or you’ll be singing “durka durka, mohammed jihad” all day, too.

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