That basket of deplorables has more to it that you might think

Betsy Gorisch pins down the underlying issue as Trump Fights. The action is one thing but it is what is behind the action that is the important concept. The standard advice in the Establishment on the Right has been to ignore the slights, the insults, and the personally destructive campaigns of the left. That Establishment advice has implications.

So Trump understands explicitly that there is virtue in fighting back, and implicitly that people are longing for someone who will do so — someone like him — even though they may not quite pinpoint it that way. I think he is onto something serious with that one, and I will tell you why.

What that establishment does not seem to understand, though, is the extent to which people see these attacks on both the officials they elected and their policies as comprising attacks on the people themselves.

So Trump is not responding to attacks by ignoring them in favor of continuing a theatrical script other people, people on the professional production crew, hand him. He is fighting back, and against specifics. And contrary to the standard political approach, he is not pretending to fight for his supporters. Instead, and as his supporters understand, he is fighting with them — because they have all been, and continue to be, targets. … The battle plan itself is destructive — because the people themselves are its target. The increasing, and increasingly energized, numbers of Trump’s supporters understand this, both implicitly and explicitly.

People saw what happened to the previous president, the one who did not respond to libel and slander, and how a malicious and false history of both the president and the military and the country has taken hold as truth. The left is not just attacking their political opponents, they are attacking everyone in that “basket of deplorables” as well. People can turn the other cheek only up to a point and they will always be seeking leaders who step forward to defend them against such assault and bullying. Gorisch is right about being “onto something serious” and many in the Establishment don’t seem to appreciate just how serious it really is.

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