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Luboš Motl is a theoretical physicist in string theory whose blog byline is “supersymetric world from a conservative viewpoint.” He has two posts on the U.S. presidential campaign with ideas worth considering: Does Hillary’s victory guarantee a nuclear war? – “It’s unlikely but similar, weaker statements are probably true.” and Liberal media’s usage of dirt is self-evidently manipulative – “Rational people know what this bias means for their evaluation of the data.”

Criticisms of Donald Trump are usually ill-defined insults, slurs, or accusations, or ad hominem attacks focused on things that don’t matter. Even though he is no “clearcut conservative”, Trump has personified the targets of many weird far left-wing conspiracy theories. For example, a part of the left-wing ideological psychopaths known as the climate alarmists have turned Trump into the man who will single-handedly destroy the Earth by making it fry through global warming.

We’re facing lots of fearmongering – I have always thought that an overwhelming majority of the fearmongering that surrounds us is just silly – but we’re facing it on both sides of the presidential campaign.
As a sensitive guy, I don’t really like the “restroom talk” in the mysteriously released 2005 tape of Donald Trump and Billy Bush.

At the same moment, the content of the tape didn’t surprise me at all. He’s owned strip clubs and lots of other things. His talk is straight. He’s been undoubtedly interested in the physical beauty of women. I would guess that this is how some people familiar with him must know him. And the main point he makes is simply true.

Like most other people, he behaves differently in different situations. Everyone behaves in some “potentially embarrassing ways” in some contexts.

When it comes to non-fatal but embarrassing things such as Trump’s “restroom dialogue”, what actually matters to a rational voter is a good estimate of the character of the candidate including the error margin; and including the adjustments that have to be made due to easy-to-see systematic biases and manipulation in the media.

Because the stories make it spectacularly clear that the anti-Trump dirt is being spread by the media (and manipulated social networks) about 300 times more aggressively than the anti-Hillary dirt etc., a rational voter must conclude that Trump is about 300 times purer than what you would deduce from the impressions conveyed by the media. And hundreds of millions of Americans are applying an adjustment like that.

The people who don’t are gullible simpletons. The anti-Trump activists and most “progressives” in general may imagine that all of the American (or another Western country’s) citizenry is – and should be – composed of this kind of gullible simpletons. But believe me, it ain’t so. So when you’re lying and using double standards in all your articles and TV shows, most Americans know that it says much more about you than about those whom you try to hurt.

Some can observe objectively and cite and describe. Others will notice but not be quite up to being able to describe tactics. We can hope that the voters aren’t an ‘irredeemable basket of deplorables’ or “gullible simpletons” or whatever but sometimes that hope seems far fetched.

But then, how did Venezuela get to where it is now?

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