Haditha, What was really massacred?

The stories about civilian casualties in Haditha last November are causing some concern – and some early glee. Jeremy provides a good rundown on the concern angle in So, Haditha at Rantingprofs.

I’m not even talking about any charges of intentional attacks on civilians here, I’m talking about unintentional deaths. These claims are seized upon by both the anti-war left and enemy propagandists whenever they come up.

There are many who are promoting caution because the DOD investigations are not yet concluded. The residents of Hadatha are impressed by the thoroughness of the investigation. Iraqis do not seem to be terribly upset. Haditha in November was a hotbed of activity with UAV monitoring and many IED’s and attacks. But Time magazine highlights a “Haditha Massacre” with up to two dozen civilians, including women and children, dead.

For some, this is an opportunity to paint the entire US military as war criminals and horrific extensions of an evil Bush Administration. It fulfils their expectations and desires and provides an example to rationalize their view of the U.S.

There are others, such as a reporter who was imbedded with the Marines in question, who are puzzled. They know the values and the behavior and the nature of the accused and the alleged behavior and the experience just don’t seem to fit.

Then there are those seeking to excuse and minimize the alleged massacre all the while trying to hide under a “we don’t really know what happened, yet” blanket. The moralize with the idea that massacres of civilians is an established tactic of the opposition and other such ideas.

The fact is that, while the idea of mad marines going out of control and killing a couple dozen innocents is bad, what really causes discomfort is the Murtha (Alamo Nation) Syndrome (Winds of Change) where people will use even the allegations as a means to promote their hatred of the US and its leadership.

We recently had a bill passed because some psuedo Christians thought the best way to express their hatred was to disrupt military funerals. There is an $85M lawsuit against Moore by a double amputee who claims he was misused. There is a death watch in the MSM. Political speeches decry differences of opinions as mistakes and accuse the administration of all sorts of malfeasance.

Yet the whole story – economic growth, elections, development of governance, and so on, is not told. There is no referent. There does seem to be a massacre – of the truth of the matter. We do need to find out what happened at Haditha but we also need to find out what is going on with Murtha and his ilk and why the whole story of Iraq is missing so many important pieces.

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