Opportunities or Filters?

Oh, the poor dears. Women and Physics by Laura McCullough provides another attempt to try to understand humans.

How do you make a physicist? Well, you start with a child, and poke at it for 25 year or so until it become something, and maybe it will become a physicist. Meanwhile, the growing and developing individual passes through several stages. If the child is a male, those stages are called opportunities. If the child is a female, they are called filters.

McCullough surveys and describes the filters, and the stages. She looks at how women are challenged at every stage. She describes what the field of Physics has done so far to remove gender biased barriers to women’s progress, and what needs to be done in the future.

Is gender so hard to understand? There is this a priori presumption that there is no difference in humans by gender. The evidence shows otherwise. That leads to attempts to deny reality and construct a fantasy to explain things. But look at the list of filter evidence provided and you see themes. One is aggression. Another is recognition of gender. 

There is much to learn but the idea that the barrier is some form of oppression and conscious social forcing and leaving out the fact that there may be inherent individual differences that are related to gender cannot be left out. That’s another attempt, like with climate, to simplify the problem by pretending it isn’t what it is.

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