Substitute for thinking

The billboard on I80 going west into Reno claims that “Peace is Patriotic” and serves to illustrate Dennis Prager’s point in Harry Reid & The End of Liberal Thought. It sounds real nice, but did anyone paying for the billboard really think it through?

Welcome to the thoughtless world of contemporary liberalism. Beginning in the 1960s, liberalism, once the home of many deep thinkers, began to substitute feeling for thought and descended into superficiality.

One-word put-downs of opponents’ ideas and motives were substituted for thoughtful rebuttal. Though liberals regard themselves as intellectual — their views, after all, are those of nearly all university professors — liberal thought has almost died. Instead of feeling the need to thoughtfully consider an idea, most liberal minds today work on automatic. One-word reactions to most issues are the liberal norm.

There is a steep price paid for the liberal one-wording of complex ideas — the decline of liberal thought. … Every car that has a bumper sticker declaring “War is not the answer” powerfully testifies to the intellectual decline of the well educated and to the devolution of “liberal thought” into an oxymoron.

One of the prices paid is that effective debate becomes extremely difficult and that means that learning is also exceedingly difficult. Thoughtful consideration of ideas is gone. It is replaced by a simplistic and defensive knee jerk response. Liberal or progressive as labels become misnomers as the philosophy is one of resisting new ideas and life’s changes.

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