Understanding and Denial: Dallas underscores the issue

Rick Moran asks Did the false narrative about police killing blacks lead to the Dallas cop killings? and refers to Dallas police massacre: BLM demonstrators got what they called for?

Two tragic police shootings resulting in the deaths of two young black men have set the country on fire. And the politicians, eager to score points with the minority community, may have unconciously enabled the snipers in Dallas, who killed 5 police officers and wounded 6 others.

Before any evidence was gathered at all, and before any facts involving the police killings were known, several politicians rushed to judgment and declared a racial motive for the tragedies.

Since we haven’t a clue of what exactly happened, the idea that there is anything concrete to learn from the incidents is absurd. Once again, we have a politician pandering to people’s prejudices to advance a false narrative about race and the police.

The real question is, did statements of this type, that assume a racial angle to the police shootings, play any role in the deaths of five Dallas police officers? We don’t know yet. We don’t even know the race of the snipers as of early morning. But the possibility can’t be dismissed out of hand, and those responsible for pushing this narrative on us need to take a step back and examine their own consciences to discover if their political gamesmanship had anything to do with the attack on police.

Richard Fernandex says Denial Dies in Dallas.

The crime wave in Chicago illustrates how politicians trapped themselves in a vise of conflicting expectations from which there is no escape. It has proved impossible to do something and its opposite simultaneously, in this case withdraw the police and protect the community. It may prove just as impossible to require transgender bathrooms and guarantee no sexual harassment takes place or open the borders while promising there will be no terror attacks. When one thinks of it, making health care “affordable” while opening it to high risk groups was always a unlikely proposition.

Impossible, yet Big Tent constituencies are routinely green-lighted on both ends of a one way street and told to floor the pedal. For a while they could spin it with smoke and mirrors. But in the end, illusion does not last.

While the individual culprits of the shooting [in Dallas] have yet to be identified, the factors which have turned the summer of 2016 into a witches’ brew were clear for all to see. It is the culmination of decades of identity politics, the fruit of open borders, the outcome of an unwarranted disdain for Islamic extremism, the destruction of everything once held in common. Most of all it is the product of a collapse in legitimacy that has soured the public on nearly every institution: the political parties, the Supreme Court, the presidency, the police and the FBI. Now at the very moment when the public needs to trust someone the question is: whom can you trust?

The security system of America is trust, which manifests itself in legitimacy which in turn makes it possible to govern a huge nation largely on consent. The mistake was to believe it was possible to play the identity card endlessly, to set one against another, to destroy trust — without consequences.

Dallas leaves the Narrative with no place to go. What’ll it be? Withdraw the police from the streets? Crack down on the usual suspects? Announce this was the work of that Jayvee team, ISIS? Close the borders? Confiscate the guns? Call in the FBI?

Denial will no longer work. That is the single most important thing to understand.

That understanding does not come easy and the lessons of history show just how painful acquiring it can be – and often how incomplete and misguided the understanding obtained can be as well. Ponder the current state of Venezuela and how it came to such a tragic position. Denial has a comfort all its own that is extraordinarily difficult to escape.

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