Fabric Being Torn: FBI soils itself

An IBD Editorial: Email Scandal: Was The Fix In For FBI’s Investigation Of Hillary?.

This not only undermines Americans’ faith in the rule of law, but undermines the very foundation of the law in a constitutional republic such as ours — that is, the idea that the law applies to everyone, regardless of social or economic status.

What were they thinking? What did they see? Why offer up such obvious contradictions between investigation and conclusion? Yes, perhaps, it was pressure from on high but it is also such things as the Democratic Party in a solid block of defense of the guilty, it is the citizens whose support has shown a disdain for criminality of certain individuals, it is the racism from the President to BLM that goes after law enforcement resulting in a war on police in Dallas, it is activists who are hired to disrupt conventions and cause mayhem, it is a media that is a propaganda machine rather than an information mechanism, it is a judiciary that is creative in interpreting the law in order to achieve political ends.

worried, yet?

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