This looks like a book worth reading

Cal Thomas talks about My kind of guy and starts with a classification that is easily recognized. The he asks for reality as he thinks he found a good story to illustrate it in a book by Bob Greene.

The image of men in contemporary culture generally falls into one of five categories. There is sitcom man, … pro athlete man, … Playboy man, … soldier man (not the hero … but the few the media pay attention to that commit atrocities), “Brokeback Mountain” man …

Where can one find real men these days? One place is in Bob Greene’s new book, “And You Know You Should Be Glad,” published by William Morrow

It is the story of five childhood friends who are called together after 57 years at the fatal cancer of one of their members. It is remembering the lives of the boys and men, where they have been, what they did, and who they are, as one of a close group passes on.

Cal paints the picture of a book that might well be an antidote for those who are ill at the media presentations of men in one of the categories he describes.

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