Scott Johnson calls it a death by a thousand euphemisms.

The phrase “death by a thousand cuts” is so concise and descriptive that I thought it must be Shakespearean, but it is a translation of the Chinese word “lingchi” (alternately transliterated ling chi or leng tech). The word is translated variously as death by a thousand cuts, the slow process, the lingering death, or slow slicing. It was a venerable form of torture and execution used in China from roughly 900 A.D. until it was banned in 1905.

President Obama is inflicting lingchi on the Constitution’s restraints on the executive branch. Here, however, he is acting consistent with a tradition that, while it doesn’t date back to 900, dates back to around 1900 and the onset of the Progressive Era in American politics.

He is also inflicting death by a thousand euphemisms. George Orwell wrote the book on it, so to speak, but here Obama is plowing new ground in American politics.

Obama acts according to what he believes is a higher wisdom behind the apparent denial of reality that makes him look stupid.

Now the Obama administration refuses to release the transcript of Orlando mass murderer without redaction of his pledges of allegiance to the Islamic State.

The higher wisdom is a component of Obama’s strategic withdrawal of the United Staters from the Middle East. It is getting us killed now with more to come later. See, for example, the accounts of CIA Director John Brennan’s congressional testimony last week

It requires a bald denial of reality. While Obama’s courtiers (paid and unpaid) tell him that his intellectual finery makes him beautiful, the intellectual finery is stupid and Obama is naked.

You may encounter The denial of reality in conversation, too. It comes with the sound of a door slamming shut as someone makes it clear that they do not want their idea of reality exposed or their lack of integrity put on the table. The Orlando incident provides a lot of opportunity for this as people insist on ‘facts’ about weapons that are easily disproved but will slam the door on any exposure of their fantasies.

The cuts do not heal, are not allowed to heal. We all bleed.

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