Marc Sheppard goes on a tear about the Green Piece of Junk Science

Contrary to their position, it is the actions of these junk scientists and pseudo-environmentalists which are analogous to those of terrorists, as both aspire, through propaganda and intimidation, to turn back the clock on the progress which has elevated our lives and potentials to the glorious levels we now enjoy. Be there no mistake. These eco-terrorists are just as fanatical – just as likely a threat to our economic freedom – as their suicidal counterparts are to our physical freedom. If we ever again hope to relish a quarter in the black, then we must stand up and forsake the folderol of the green.

This environmentalist movement is a false cover using distortions as a means to rationalize its ideologies. It can’t make up its mind if it is really after responsible environmentalism or socialism. One the one hand, nuclear power is the cleanest and safest base energy source available. But on the other, nuclear is made a symbol of war and the worst of human nature. It is also a symbol of the big corporate anti-individual entity that is so much villified in socialist and communist philosophies.

The cute ‘truth to power’ slogan being paraded by these folks is one that they really need to apply to themselves.

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