Political Allegiance the #1 Priority?

We have seen elected representatives who have put their party allegiance ahead of that of their country. Recently we have seen several retired flag officers do the same. And it also appears that at least 4 national security officials from a previous administration have engaged in scurrilous and even illegal behavior demonstrating that political allegiance is their priority.

There is an argument about the damage caused by such behavior. Another issue is the implications of such behavior.

When military officers and bureaucrats put politics ahead of their job, they become a part of a partisan political machine and, as a result, subject to purges and other protections and tactics to control or utilize their behavior.

The key is that there is a means to behave responsibly. When this is not done, the behavior is irresponsible. The rights we have are only kept by responsible exercise. On the one hand we have folks doing the equivalent demaning that their right to free speech means they can shout “fire!” in a crowded theater. On the other we have non-political government functionaries becoming political hacks. Such behavior presents the rest of us a conundrum about just how far to let it go and where to draw the line and how much blood to let flow before we attempt to staunch the bleeding.

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