Give us Barabbas!

“There is no substitute for victory. There is no substitute for the America that each and every one of us loves with all our heart, that we believe in with all our heart, and that together we will restore as a shining city on the hill for every generation to come.”

This statement of Ted Cruz seems to bother some folks. That bothers Lloyd Marcus who says Regarding Ted Cruz, You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet.

This political season, many voters threw social and moral issues out the window. … This remarkable man deserves so much better.

When our conservative gladiators enter the arena, Democrats, the Left, the GOP establishment, and mainstream media team up to stop and destroy them forever. The evil coalition launches its standard 24/7 character assassination shock-and-awe attack. Phase two includes endless absurd lies and extremely well-funded dirty tricks. Whenever one of our candidates falls short of winning due to the behemoth opposing them, our advisers and voters blame the candidate for being too this or not enough of that. Then, we throw our courage warriors on the junk heap of tainted and forever unelectable conservatives. In other words, if only our candidate would have mastered politically walking on water, we could have won or retained the seat. The disloyalty sickens me.

The bench was deep on the Republican side but the voters weren’t playing that game. It is like all of those playing Fantasy Football found out that their player choices were being put into an arena where football was not the game. The rules have changed and a ‘dark horse’ as emerged as the prominent player.

The other adage that comes to mind and the one that Lloyd Marcus seems to have in mind is about burning bridges. Trump seems aware of this in that his assault on reality and others in his game is tactical, not pathological like it is with the ‘other’ party. Trump is selling his product and runs fast and free in how he presents it. This appeases his customer base but care is needed to make sure that it doesn’t go too far. Going too far is like what the current administration is doing in regards to race relations and government scandals. In the discussion about Trump, the bridges are about party unity. To win the game, he is going to need to build a strong team with a clear focus. Ted Cruz put that focus into words. Those irritated by those words are going to need some more snake oil.

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