Mandated advocacy

Richard Berman on the next round of the SEIU leveraging a few discontents for a member grab using forced dues: The anatomy of a fast food protest — “Unions use the minimum wage issue to boost declining membership.”

Some union members may be understandably upset that tens of millions of dollars of their dues are being spent on non-member activism. One SEIU organizer admitted that union members would grow “restless” if “$15 and a union” failed to significantly increase their membership.

This is a risk that the SEIU, which lost close to 6,000 members last year, can’t afford to take. “The union can’t just keep transferring revenue it makes from bargaining contracts to pay for its social justice work because collective bargaining is shrinking,” says former SEIU President Andy Stern.

Clearly, their [political leaders] better instincts were no match for the SEIU’s money and influence, which bought a revised outlook and political support. Hopefully, reporters who cover these “strikes” will reveal what they are: a union-inspired economic free-lunch fantasy detached from employment-market realities.

Where’s the money go? It goes to fabricate ‘research.’ It goes to lobby politicians. It goes to hiring activists and rent-a-mob members. It goes to publicity campaigns. Where does it not go? It does not go into just about anything used to rationalize forced collection of union dues. The result is strife and conflict as well as the usual outcomes from socialistic programs that generate poverty and unemployment.

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