An obsession with death counts means no death counts

There seems to be an obsession with death tolls in the media and some other quarters. It is an obsession with death counts that can find no value or reason to make any single death count as significant in any way other than as a simple statistic.

Dr. Sanity touched on this in discussing the fact that those who seek to remove as many Americans from the realm of the living as possible have themselves no value for life. That is why they recruit suicide bombers from among the ignorant or deficient. They are using the knowledge that they are attempting to destroy an enemy that is horrified at death but also places no value in a manner that considers any death as counting for anything.

Cindy Sheehan and her ilk believe that the fight against tyranny isn’t worth a single life. Most of the lunatic left have taken the position that America has nothing worth fighting for anyway.

When there is nothing that can make a death count it seems that one could also wonder about what it could be that might make a life count. Is there anything that can add value to one’s a life to make it more worthwhile or more precious? Patrick Henry had one such value expressed in a famous slogan. MLK also had such values. Seeking to make one’s own life and those of others implement such values would seem to be a worthwhile effort, a way to make one’s death count for more than just some statistic in a death count obsession.

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