Delusion and denial: techniques and tactics

It is the climate alarmists who are most obvious in using the term “denier” to label those who disagree with them. Denial is a human self defense behavior and, as a behavior, it can be observed objectively. The name calling is one such behavior. Attempting to silence others, such as the efforts to have any who do not agree with alarmist climate views put in jail is another. Constructing a false narrative is another and that brings up the story about Exposing the Myths You’ve Always Believed about Thomas Jefferson by Richard Kirk.

What kind of criticism would prompt a major publisher to withdraw from circulation a New York Times bestseller by a recognized scholar? One would think the objections would have to be weighty and the critics unquestioned experts in the particular field. In the case of The Jefferson Lies, one would be mistaken to make those assumptions.

Thus, as with Oliver Stone’s rewrite of JFK’s assassination, the mainstream media, corrupt academicians, and a sensation-seeking pop culture have again conspired to manipulate history for their own ends.

So who should read The Jefferson Lies? Anyone who thinks Thomas Jefferson and William Jefferson Clinton have a lot in common, anyone who thinks Thomas Jefferson supported the modern notion of “separation of church and state,” anyone who thinks Jefferson was a hypocritical racist, and anyone who thinks academia and the publishing world aren’t partisan cesspools.

The behavior here is that of tarnishing established heroes in order to gild constructed heroes. Think of the assault on leading NFL quarterbacks, for instance, like Manning or Brady. Think of the propaganda campaign to discredit G.W. Bush. Look at the arguments being offered to excuse and rationalize the current crop of scandals from the IRS to the EPA to Benghazi to classified communications management. An alternate reality is constructed, one that is easily demonstrated to be a false reality, yet there is a tenacious holding to that false reality and that is a denial of reality that is troublesome and harmful.

Another behavior, illustrated by the consensus claims in climate alarmism, is the effort to gain comfort in the denial by getting others to join in so it is no longer an individual’s problem but rather a community problem. 

This is much like the President equating capitalism with communism suggesting students choose whatever works. This ignores the fact that capitalist systems have brought more people out of poverty than any socialist program and communism and its ilk have resulted in the deaths of many millions. As one pundit wondered: this is 2016 and we are still debating the quality of Marxism?

It is this seemingly widespread denial of reality in governance and public perception that is so worrisome. It is a glimmer of hope to see some that uncover and highlight the self deceptions.  The community must stand against such delusion if it is to survive.

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