Core competence. Do we have enough to hold the structure (of civilization) together?

Sarah A. Hoyt goes on a tear about The War On Competence.

We’re reaching a critical point where everyone is running on make-believe competency, certainly in any large organization. This cannot go on. What can’t go on, won’t.

And when it collapses, we’ll need competent people.

An abundant society can survive incompetents. A lean society, living close to the bone, can’t.

Are there enough of us to keep things up when the walls collapse? I don’t know. Impossible to tell. Though the proliferation and popularity of youtube videos on how to do stuff from basic to complex would seem to indicate so, as would the maker movement, as would a lot of millenials who can detect bullsh*t a mile away and who want to learn to DO. And then there’s the fact the human animal is infinitely adaptable and when adaption is learning, it will learn.

Maybe even in time.
Teach your children well and build under, build around, build beside. Our makeshift structures just might end up uplifting a crushing load. Maybe not tomorrow, but certainly not far off now.

The fact that we have an abundant society has been sufficient to maintain progress. What has created that abundance is under assault and that has reduced progress to a mere dribble. The fear is that, as the assault continues, progress will change to regression. Survivalists and Home Schoolers have this driving their efforts. The Makers and other hobbyists who build and create and invent just do it for the joy of it. Any who chose to “build under, build around, build beside” have more resources available for their education and learning now than ever before but even that is under assault with taxation, fears about privacy, and protectionism. Worried, yet?

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