What’s happening with the weather this spring?

The local news channel decided that maybe the weather this spring was a bit odd. Drought ended. Storm after storm bringing new snow to the mountains. Where’s Spring? – So they dig up their favorite climatologist at a nearby research institute and ask him what is going on.

‘Well, you see, we had this warming trend for near ten years and it seems something happened last year and this year has the coldest spring on record. These things are cyclical. When things like this happen, we suspect the ocean. … ‘

Indeed, the jet stream this year has been persistent in feeding Alaskan gulf cold moisture to the Western US. That, like the recent hurricane cycle, aren’t global warming but rather cyclic phenomena that are poorly understood.

Carl gets going on “Science, Lack of” at No Oil for Pacifists citing several references where even scientists seeking rationalization of unusual things fall prey to a lack of rigor in their thinking.

Speculation, yes. Sci-Fi, yes. Scare tactic in support of socialism, yes. The next Oliver Stone script, yes. Just don’t call global warming “science.”

We will probably see some “global warming” in a few months as the unusually cold Spring turns into Summer, the snow melts, and disaster awaits ?

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