Simple Sabotage

The blog is about organization leadership and the post is about tactics that sabotage one’s own efforts. 9 Ways We Sabotage Ourselves is a book review relating tactics manuals for WW II undercover operatives to modern organizational leadership.

In Simple Sabotage, authors Robert Galford, Bob Frisch and Cary Greene explain that in January 1944 the OSS (Office of Strategic Services—predecessor of the CIA) published the Simple Sabotage Field Manual to train resistance members in the art of sabotage. “The Manual detailed easy ways to disrupt and demoralize the enemy’s institutions without being detected.”

One thing you will notice from each of these tactics or behaviors is that none of them are all that bad on the surface. One could easily find a rational explanation for engaging in them—to a point. And that’s the problem. That’s why these are insidious.

You can see these tactics in practice in government and politics and campaigns as well. The effect is not productive.

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