Apple’s Straw Man

Mark Wilson notes that Apple is using a straw man argument to fight the FBI. The key he notes is that the court order says nothing about encryption yet encryption is a key part of the objection raised by the Apple CEO.

Apple is being utterly disingenuous in suggesting that this is a story about encryption. It’s not.

That’s not to say Apple is completely wrong, of course, but it is certainly being misleading.

The thing is, putting forward the idea of breaking encryption is a far, far more emotive issue. It’s something that everyone — every company — cares about.

No company wants to be seen to be siding with the enemy, even if the “enemy” is fighting terrorism. The real enemy here, for Apple, is Apple’s image. Apple is terrified of any of its sheen becoming tarnished. Sadly, the company has resorted to poorly thought out arguments based on flawed logic and unsound reasoning to support its position. The damage to image has already been done.

Part of the question in that of figuring out just who is the enemy. Apple has well know leftist leanings and that leads to suspicion that they consider the U,S. government (but not other governments, it seems) as the enemy – just look at the Snowden hagiographies from this crowd. The tactics are common. Use a straw man to divert the topic and confuse the issue. Logical fallacies do not foster honest discussion and this one provides yet another example of socially important issues corrupted by a lack of intellectual integrity.

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