Déjà vu 1939

Professor Hanson: The return of appeasement, collaboration and isolationism — “The world of 2016 is beginning to resemble the powder keg of 1939

The world of 2016 is eerily beginning to resemble the powder keg of 1939 Europe.

Iran, China and North Korea, along with radical Islamic terrorist groups, all have particular contempt for Western democracies. Almost daily, various aggressive nations or organizations seek provocation …

The European Union is largely unarmed. Yet it still trusts that it can use its vaunted “smart diplomacy” to reason with its enemies.

Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin’s Russia cuts deals with Iran, Syria and most of the enemies of the West. Like Stalin before, Mr. Putin cynically assumes that his triangulations will turn aggressive powers exclusively against the West. …

America is slowly withdrawing from involvement abroad, using the same isolationist arguments heard in the 1920s.

Past interventions in the Middle East have worn on the nation. Ingrate nations did not appreciate American sacrifices. In tough economic times, some contend that defense spending should be diverted to more social programs.

Appeasement, collaboration and isolationism always prove a lethal mix — past and present.

You see, Iraq was a mistake some assert. But that is only if isolationism will prevent hijacked airliners from flying into sky scrapers in suicide missions … And then there is Iran and the deal with nuclear weapons … now ISIS

worried yet? or is WW II on your list of big propaganda conspiracies like the holocaust and Stalin’s purge and the other things that even the Pope seems to forget.

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