Full BDS: D. Trump

BDS is Bush Derangement Syndrome. It is a result of one of the most insidious and malicious propaganda campaigns of our time. Donald Trump brought it back into the limelight at the South Carolina debate. Paul Kengor provides the background in Bush Lied About WMDs? Trump’s Outrageous Accusation.

In short, all of that very recent history was forgotten by an emotional, angry, childish political left after our troops didn’t find the WMD stockpiles we all expected.

Of course, we did discover some WMDs in Iraq after 2003 (everyone forgets this), and chief inspector David Kay found both Iraqi infrastructure and intent to ramp up WMD production once Saddam later figured he was in the clear. We did not, however, find the WMD stockpiles we expected.

That said, the argument that George W. Bush deliberately lied about WMDs is not only extraordinarily unfair but stunningly misinformed and nonsensical.

There is a related meme out there on this same line. It is that invading Iraq was a mistake. This idea must be weighed against the Authorization to Use Military Force and the Iraq Resolution (see Wikipedia). Those who say it was a mistake are saying that the United States should stand by when there is a “brutal repression of its civilian population,” a “capability and willingness to use weapons of mass destruction against other nations and its own people” and many other similar assertions. They must also confront the fact that the resolution received overwhelming support. The real question is that of a fickle people, a political opposition that decided that their resolution should be sacrificed on the alter of political propaganda and deceit for political gain without any consideration for the mayhem that has resulted as a consequence.

This gets right up there with the ‘anti-war’ protesters in the 60’s who engaged in war against their own nation.

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