Tactics: demonizing the opposition

Guy Benson describes one tactic used to degrade debate to argument: Planned Parenthood: Shame on these zealots for their violence…and legislation.

It’s cynical enough to casually conflate actual violence with “incendiary rhetoric” that creates a “climate of disrespect.” But that’s End of Discussion 101; it’s depressingly commonplace on the Left these days. Planned Parenthood’s meme takes the slander a step further, lumping in perpetrators of (exceedingly rare and virtually universally-condemned) anti-abortion violence with pro-life Americans seeking to increase legal protections for the unborn through peaceful, democratic means. The abortion lobby is intentionally erasing distinctions between speech, legislative efforts, and physical violence.

The climate issue provides another clear cut example. Disagree with the idea of catastrophic human caused climate change and you are called a denier, accused of violating RICO laws, and told you are out to do evil. 

The real question is why such disreputable tactics get the credibility they do.

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