How does a lie live so long?

Rabbi Abraham Cooper tells how MSNBC got caught: Lying through their teeth and their maps — “Factually inaccurate maps distort Jewish and Arab land claims.” The thing is that the maps in question have long since been discredited as a 70’s attempt to show how “Those nasty Zionist imperialists have been stealing more and more Palestinian land.”

None of these facts deter a Who’s-Who of mainline churches who continue to deploy the map with impunity, decrying the theft of “Palestinian” land by the Jews and rallying members to vote for punitive measures against Israel.

How does a lie live so long? Seems that a convenient untruth can often trump the real story. Evidence the celebrated link between homo sapiens and his simian ancestors. Or so people thought of it until that hoax was discovered.

So truth will eventually prevail — but only if and when people are prepared to hear it.

In a Gallup poll of attitudes toward the honesty and ethical standards of people in various professions, well over twice as many Americans trusted clergy over television news reporters. Judging by the way the four-panel map of Palestine hoax continues to be recycled by some church groups, they may want reconsider their preference.

The fact is that there has not been any Palestinian state and it is only a modern invention intended to foment civil disruption. The area was a part of the Turkish empire until WWI and then a British colony until allocated to the Jews in 1948 as part of WWII reparations. But lies don’t die as long as they serve a useful propaganda purpose for those without intellectual integrity. The idea of a historic Palestinian state is one of those lies for the anti-western culture enthusiasts.

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