A look at causes for mass murder

The NFL is crowing about an entire month without the arrest of one of its players — but games this month are dressed in pink. And then there’s the NYT on 27 ways to be a modern man that David L. Burkhead fisks. From what Milo Yiannopoulos says, these ideas might be related to mass murders.

I might be a raging homo, but I still innately understand the male need to conquer, crush and win. Men need to express that dark, powerful part of themselves, or it can abruptly overflow. If it is suppressed, derided and ridiculed, it can show up without warning and with horrible consequences.

That’s why I’m so distressed that heterosexual men are being told, constantly, by the media and even in schools, that what they are is bad. This, I submit, is at least in part what’s driving the recent spate of shootings.

That doesn’t mean masculinity is “toxic.” What’s toxic is society’s attitudes towards men. Masculinity only becomes “toxic” when it is beaten down and suppressed and when men are told that what and who they are is defective. It becomes toxic when young boys are drugged in school because they don’t conform to feminine standards of behaviour.

In a sense, what happened yesterday was also a suicide. A spectacularly melodramatic suicide from a man in pain who wanted to hurt the world that had hurt him.

Denying essential human nature — that men can be powerful and dangerous and this should be harnessed for good — is a recipe for tragedy.

Or take a look at the Boy Scout Law and see which items have been weakened or eliminated.

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