Is Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) Offensive?

Under the “Don’t question our patriotism” banner there is a new plan. It is to have partisan, potentially illegal, political gatherings at military bases to attack the commander in chief. The Drudge report has the content of the original document.

The Washington Times reports

Titled “Real Security,” the political document calls for staged town hall events at military bases, weapons factories, National Guard units, fire stations and veterans posts.

Jim Manley, Mr. Reid’s spokesman, said yesterday the planned events are not part of a political campaign. … “These are events to highlight the need for increased funding for the troops,” Mr. Manley said. “It’s an effort to paint the White House and the Republican Congress as having a failed effort on national security issues, which is a direct result of their misplaced priorities and mismanagement.”

As commander in chief, Mr. Bush has made frequent visits to military bases in the United States and abroad. His remarks are generally limited to explaining his war policies and encouraging the troops.

The Democratic memo calls on senators to seek the help of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), which is critical of Mr. Bush.

Where do you start with this? Political partisanship at military bases? Parading (misinformed) opinion about “failed effort” and so on as fact? Running a planned effort to impugn and denigrate the commander in chief during time of war? Hypocritical use of military symbols under false flag?

The false flags are many as well. Increased funding for troops? That gets to the body armor myths which are also being used as a political prop in this campaign. It begs the issue of the standards to be used for how much is enough. Instead, how much is enough is always going to be more than either the Administration, the military, or Congress determines it should be.

The tactic is inherently misleading and dishonest. Its basis lacks integrity. Its purpose is obfuscated.

This is no way to show an ability to govern.

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