Believe it or not, there is a plan for victory

One the more egregious propaganda themes being promulgated for the last several years is that there is no plan for Iraq. There is one and you can read it: National Strategy for Victory in Iraq.

You can tell there is something fishy in the “no plan” attack by the fact that it makes rather odd assumptions – such as that the military will act on a large scale without a plan,. The attack wanders about looking for specifics where generalities or more appropriate and vice versa, confuses tactics with strategy and places responsibilities for these kinds of planning to innapropriate levels, and generally ignores the overall pattern of events as they unfold. And then there is the stridency and insistence to consider.

Now there is a Canadian politician who asserts that the US is daily out murdering and abusing Iraqi citizens. There are plans for global anti-Iraq war protest. The NYT got caught in another attempt to elevate prisoner abuse. ABC is trying to explain away even the “no intelligence value” documents being released from Iraq.

You can get the true scoop if you want to. What is frightening is that so many, especially in the media and education elite, do not want to to the point of gross denial of reality and construction of fantasy.

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