morally straight?

Some folks are not happy with the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) compromise on its oath to be “morally straight.” Surrender Like a Boy Scout by Selwyn Duke gets into why this is so.

Well, there’s a new scout survival skill for you. Perhaps now they’ll have courses in political expediency and realpolitik and merit badges in waving white flags and lying prostrate.

As far as the BSA’s mandate of creating boys with chests, the organization long had to fight the corruptive wider culture. But now it has collapsed, completely and likely irrevocably, its own internal culture. And for what? A slight reprieve? A stay of execution? Gates has said he didn’t foresee the rapid cultural changes (a tipping point, really) of the last several years. What he also doesn’t see is that he has merely “traded the Sudetenland for peace in our time.” And he will learn that this peace is fleeting with people whose “truth” changes with time, people who tolerate no dissent, honor no compromise, and take no prisoners.

There are some things that are not subject to a popular vote. That is what morality and ethics are all about.We know where it leads but it seems many want to deny the lessons of history and the lessons in the Bible. 

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