FOIA Intel Coup – for Al Quaida

You’d think false stories maligning the Commander-in-Chief was going far enough in terms of sedition, but how about intelligence gathering for the enemy? The AP filed a Freedom of Information Act request forcing the military to release the names of prisoners held. Here is how Strategy Page describes it.

The magnitude of this counter-intelligence coup is staggering considering some of the high-level al Qaeda personnel the United States is known to have in custody. The revelations forced by the Associated Press’s FOIA request could be compared with the Japanese knowing about American code breaking efforts in 1942, or if Germany knew of the similar code-breaking efforts during the Battle of the Atlantic, which lasted from 1939 to 1945. This is knowledge that is crucial to the war on terrorism, and now al Qaeda knows the United States has that information. This will lead to counter-measures on the part of the terrorist group – and the United States will face increased vulnerability to attacks as a result.

Meanwhile, we have an opposition party whose primary goal, it seems, is to obstruct any intelligence gathering and, if they can’t do that, to at least make sure the enemy knows all about what is collected and how it is collected.

Then again, it is these same folks who seem to think 9/11 was a minor criminal affair and any military effort on the part of the US is corrupt, incompetent, unnecessary, imperialistic, and inhumane. No matter the facts.

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