Your leaders sound like the opposition?

There are times when one should take a stand. These times seem to be fading in many circles. George Neumayr note the White Flags in the Culture War – “The Left’s unimpeded toppling of institutions.

The ease with which the Left is toppling institutions is explained by such figures as Bob Gates. They aren’t fighting the culture war themselves and don’t want anyone else to fight it either. It is clear that an institution’s demise is imminent when the statements of its enemies and its “leaders” become indistinguishable.

The Left is making progress in the culture war not in spite of “conservative” opposition but because of it. Before the battle even begins, leaders like Bob Gates and Diarmuid Martin are waving the white flag. To paraphrase Yeats, the conservatives lack all conviction while the liberals are full of passionate intensity.

Another report noted that many of the countries, such as Ireland and Spain, that have undertaken governmental approval of redefining marriage have a significant Catholic Church presence. That isn’t a minor legal thing, it is a biblical thing wherein the Church has abandoned its foundations. 

The question is: “who will stand?” Nobody wants war but look what you get when you don’t stand for basic principles. Nobody wants that either.

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